El adiós del soldado

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Soldiers Goodbye

One of the best known versions of this song is that of Vicente Fernandez, although he sang a duet with Felipe Arriaga, Linda Rostandtalso has sung this lirics ,the Zaizarbrothers , The Mariachi Vargas and has always been treated as a song of Mexicanrevolution.

There is controversy surrounding this song. The rhythm of it is in four quarters and habanera time, or slow Danzon, some say, and authorship is attributed to Jorge Ankerman, of Cuba. It is also said that thelyrics belongs to a Colombian poet named Jose Maria Garavito.

The truth is that Mexico has been adopted as a traditional song and run our country without author or without names, which ultimately is known songs as “anonymous” which of course at some point, someone wrote. Is not the first time we shared verses and tunes with our Latin American brothers.

Adiós, adiós, lucero de mis noches,
dijo un soldado, al pié de una ventana;
me voy, me voy, pero no llores
angel mio, que volveré mañana…

Ya se asoma, la estrella de la Aurora;
ya se divisa, en el Oriente el alba;
y en el cuartel, tambores y cornetas,
estan tocando “Diana”…

Horas despues, cuando la negra noche,
cubrió de luto, el campo de batalla;
a la voz del viva, pálido y triste,
un joven expiraba.

Alguna cosa de Ella, al centinela
que lo miraba morir, dijo en voz baja,
que alzo triste el fusil, bajo los ojos,
y se enjuagó una lágrima.

Hoy cuenta por doquier, gente medrosa,
que cuando asoma en el Oriente el alba,
y en el cuartel tambores y cornetas
estan tocando Diana:

Se ve vagar la misterios sombra
que se detiene al pie de una ventana,
y murmura: “No llores angel mio,
que volveré mañana”…

There out there, on youtube, a version of this song performed by Silvio Rodriguez (probably the most famous Cuban singer  of  “la nueva trova”) in which the memory by singing songs he has heard of the biggest around … In the wealth of miscegenation and tradition are blurred all political and economic boundaries.


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