Concerts for festivals:

The Mariachi ensemble and its historical development have made a picture of the Mexican and Latin American music, which increasingly includes in its repertoire music from different traditions of world geography. In November 2011 UNESCO added to “El Mariachi, string music, song and trumpet” as a member of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Our profile:

The profile of our repertoire makes it ideal for many venues and festivals that can be carried out in different thematic and cultural frameworks.

Our experience:

We have participated in guitar festivals, particularly by the development that have the string instruments of the Baroque guitars heirs in Mexico, traditional music festivals in the world, Mariachi specific festivals, festivals with the theme of matching twin cultures on big stages and accompanying singers of various genres that integrate the sound of our particular training into their interpretations.

Festival concerts sample videos:

  • Ankara Festival

    El Mariachi Loco en el festival de Ankara

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el Hotel Swiss Hotel de Ankara durante el festival internacional mexicano de Ankara, en Turquía

  • El Grito in Barcelona

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el festival el Grito de Barcelona

  • Barcelonnette Festival

    Cucurrucú Paloma en el festival de Barcelonnette

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el festival de musica mariachi de Barcelonnette, Francia, en el año 2009

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