Music services offered by Mariachi Semblanza


Mariachi Semblanza is the Mexican folklore group of Spain’s oldest, founded it in 1995 and since then we have failed to act in different places throughout Catalan, Spanish and European.

We find some remarkable performances specifically for the exotic of the countries visited, although we were with each and every one of them as events occur always endearing.

However, what if we would like to highlight is the full support of the people who have been with us at concerts and performances at some point in our career, that round and 18 years

We were the first act Mariachi Baltic countries and have even come to act in Arab countries such as Dubai. Although our usual place is Catalonia and Spain. Living in Barcelona, is much greater the number of pins we do here.

Over the years we have done a bit of everything. Serenades, theater performances, accompanying famous artists, private parties, festivals … We played traditional Mexican music in the Gaudí and someone came once riding a cycle of concerts performed from a balcony. I’m sure you now understand much better because they seem endearing each and every one of our actions.

The truth is that we have set ourselves on a commitment to trying to define the musical services we offer, as the range of possibilities is extensive. However, something we have to explain, so I’ve listed some of the services that are repeated over the years and therefore are the most common.


Concerts for festivals:

The Mariachi ensemble and its historical development have made a picture of the Mexican and Latin American music, which increasingly includes in its repertoire music from different traditions of world geography. In November 2011 UNESCO added to “El Mariachi, string music, song and trumpet” as a member of the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Our profile:

The profile of our repertoire makes it ideal for many venues and festivals that can be carried out in different thematic and cultural frameworks.

Our experience:

We have participated in guitar festivals, particularly by the development that have the string instruments of the Baroque guitars heirs in Mexico, traditional music festivals in the world, Mariachi specific festivals, festivals with the theme of matching twin cultures on big stages and accompanying singers of various genres that integrate the sound of our particular training into their interpretations.

Festival concerts sample videos:

  • Ankara Festival

    El Mariachi Loco en el festival de Ankara

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el Hotel Swiss Hotel de Ankara durante el festival internacional mexicano de Ankara, en Turquía

  • El Grito in Barcelona

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el festival el Grito de Barcelona

  • Barcelonnette Festival

    Cucurrucú Paloma en el festival de Barcelonnette

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el festival de musica mariachi de Barcelonnette, Francia, en el año 2009



Concert for theater:

Mariachi music, in its evolution, has developed a unique style adopting symphonic structures and offers a diverse range of rhythms, traditional and modern harmonies that can be presented as a spectacle in itself.

Also, it can be combined with a choreographic spectacle of traditional dances from different regions of Mexico, which make it a show of color, movement and music worthy of any stage.

The currently mariachi repertoire is so extensive that we have different types of show: from traditional music, mariachi symphonic music and modern adaptations to music from other countries.

For three years, we have performed in various theaters such as the Arteria Paral.lel,  making Mexican song shows as well as concerts with different themes covering Latin American music culture.

Depending on the size and acoustics of the theater, we can carry out activities with different technical or acoustic requirements.



Mariachi Concert for weddings:

The wedding, as a social act in which two people decide to start a family, is an intrinsic ritual celebration where music is an essential element in all cultures. Thus, in Mexico a wedding cannot be understood without a mariachi or a group of traditional music of the region to which it belongs.

El Mariachi is a very versatile group in the sense that it can play on a stage, acoustical, moving and has a range for all types of occasions. In addition to its extensive repertoire, it allows to enliven from a detail to many hours of music for all possible situations in an event like a wedding.

Mariachi music for weddings in México:

In Mexico, or Mexican style, it is common that the mariachi is the icing on the cake and the festival culminates in the ecstasy of the ‘pachanga’, everybody singing and requesting the songs that you know and want to sing.

Our experience in Europe:

Our experience in Europe has made mariachi participation an optimum detail in different situations. The common has been liven snacks and coffees to many weddings, we played inside and at the end of the ceremony, in the MNAC Oval room in Montjuic making arrangements for a Cuban ballad, in the musical show hosted by Rafael Amargo during their wedding ceremony, at the foot of the waves on the beach of Barceloneta, in the light of the candles as a representative of the civil authority married a couple, in a sailboat at sea in the delivery of the Rings, etc…

A celebration icon:

The mariachi is almost a celebration icon, it means, without being written, holy feast of the soul, of the heart. It is elegant and simple, always appreciated presence … We can be the one in your wedding detail that helps make it a day to remember forever.



The serenade was a diversion that was very popular in the XVIII Century. It was played during the afternoon outdoors in the gardens of the palaces of aristocrats offering music to their guests. “The origin of the serenade is the love ballads sung in front of the windows of the beloved at sunset” (Wikipedia).

It refers to the act of taking, usually at night, a string ensemble typical and traditional, such as a Mariachi (in the case of Mexico) or Tuna (of Spanish origin but spread through Hispanic America), a duo of interpreters or a threesome with instruments of the country, outside the house of a lady, and have them sing songs that express man’s mixed feelings , usually of love, appreciation or desire for reconciliation.

Throughout Latin America the serenade is a popular tradition that refers to the act of taking a musical that is typical in the region, usually in the morning, to express your feelings to someone, usually of love, but also fits the rebound. In Mexico also call it “take cock” and we spend many sleepless nights going to these appointments where many peculiar situations often occur.

One upon a time, In Mexico, a musician came unwittingly to his own window to serenade his wife accompanying “the other guy” and of course, a good fight was armed. It also happens, like in the movies, that two ‘roosters’ lead to the same window and you can imagine …

Here in Europe it is not such a common tradition, but we have made serenades in many special situations at any time of day … in a bar, at the airport, on the beach of Barceloneta, proposals of marriage, reconciliations … so we see that, at least the motifs are very similar.

We make this tradition the perfect surprise for converting an event into a memorable moment. We accompany you anywhere to awaken, very early in the morning, on his or her birthday, the person you love most in life.

The group would adapt to the needs of space and time and no any technical requirement … We can go from 3 to 8 musicians on a balcony …

The serenade is an affordable and practical way to give to that person live music and quality, and that gives shape to those words that always seem a small thing compared to the feeling thou wilt say.