The serenade was a diversion that was very popular in the XVIII Century. It was played during the afternoon outdoors in the gardens of the palaces of aristocrats offering music to their guests. “The origin of the serenade is the love ballads sung in front of the windows of the beloved at sunset” (Wikipedia).

It refers to the act of taking, usually at night, a string ensemble typical and traditional, such as a Mariachi (in the case of Mexico) or Tuna (of Spanish origin but spread through Hispanic America), a duo of interpreters or a threesome with instruments of the country, outside the house of a lady, and have them sing songs that express man’s mixed feelings , usually of love, appreciation or desire for reconciliation.

Throughout Latin America the serenade is a popular tradition that refers to the act of taking a musical that is typical in the region, usually in the morning, to express your feelings to someone, usually of love, but also fits the rebound. In Mexico also call it “take cock” and we spend many sleepless nights going to these appointments where many peculiar situations often occur.

One upon a time, In Mexico, a musician came unwittingly to his own window to serenade his wife accompanying “the other guy” and of course, a good fight was armed. It also happens, like in the movies, that two ‘roosters’ lead to the same window and you can imagine …

Here in Europe it is not such a common tradition, but we have made serenades in many special situations at any time of day … in a bar, at the airport, on the beach of Barceloneta, proposals of marriage, reconciliations … so we see that, at least the motifs are very similar.

We make this tradition the perfect surprise for converting an event into a memorable moment. We accompany you anywhere to awaken, very early in the morning, on his or her birthday, the person you love most in life.

The group would adapt to the needs of space and time and no any technical requirement … We can go from 3 to 8 musicians on a balcony …

The serenade is an affordable and practical way to give to that person live music and quality, and that gives shape to those words that always seem a small thing compared to the feeling thou wilt say.

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