Mariachi Semblanza – The authentic Mariachi

Mexican musical tradition:

El Mariachi is a Mexican musical tradition from the western part of the country that originally referred to the festive space: musicians, music, dance.

Sound of the Mariachi as icon:

The sound of the Mariachi as icon of the Mexican music worldwide is well known through the singers that make it famous, but little is known of its musical roots outside Mexico. El Mariachi Semblanza works based on the tradition that has made ​​all the musicians and culture throughout history, and interprets the music with that taste.

The modern Mariachi:

The Modern Mariachi music includes many genres from different regions of Mexico and Latin America and even classical influences and orchestral arrangements, that’s our path, not forgetting the growing roots that make a Mariachi like ours what it is.

Our Mariachi:

To date, Mariachi Semblanza is one of the best and most consolidated mariachis in Europe. More than eighteen years of evolution and constant bookings guarantee the highest quality in our interpretations of the best of the ranchero music.

Semblanza invites you to pass a wonderful time listening to an authentic Mariachi and offering the best of the ranchero repertory.

We accompany you on your wedding day, a birthday, anniversary, romantic dinner, business reception, business dinner, or even a funeral or any other special event, whether social or cultural. We also play at summer feasts and festivals.

Usual working area:

The usual working area of the Mariachi Semblanza band is in Barcelona and surroundings, but we are happy to go to any other part of the Spanish territory or any part of Europe.

Mariachi Semblanza… Proudly Mexican!

We specialize in accompanying famous artists of the traditional Mexican song and / or any music that requires a backing band like ours. We have acted with famous artists such as Pedro Fernández, David Bisbal, Ana Torroja, Rafael Amargo, Alejandro Fernández, etc…


Our performances are always live by what we are capable of musical performances at festivals, theaters, private parties, festivals or even on the street, offering peculiar services like serenade, for instance.

Performances in the press:

During these years we have had the opportunity to perform at events that has covered the national press. Television, newspapers, radio, we have even participated in an episode of a series of local television actors accompanying the recording of the series.

Performing in theaters:

We love performing in theaters by the peculiarities of these and especially the sound and warmth of the people. The theater performances are special because they allow a different interaction with the public attending the event. We highlight our performance in the Oval MNAC room where we had the opportunity of sounding songs of the ranchero repertoire in this spectacular room.

Mariachi Semblanza at international festivals:

Mariachi Semblanza had the opportunity to perform at various international music festivals. We have participated in various editions of the international festival of Barcelonnette (France); we have blown Mariachi music festival in Ankara (Turkey) and have even participated in international music festivals held in Germany.


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