Performance with Pedro Fernandez and David BisbalWedding of Rafael Amargo With Silvia CalvetFashion show Peter Aedo. Pasalera GaudíHomage to Alejandro Fernández in chanel 4


Axel's 3rd. anniversary led us to introduce ourselves into Bressol Gespa School located on the campus of [abbr ...


On 29 and 31 December 2013 we accompanied the Folkloric Ballet of...


The Mariachi ensemble and its historical development have made a picture of the Mexican and Latin American music, which increasingly includes in its repertoire music from different traditions of w...


Mariachi music, in its evolution, has developed a unique style adopting symphonic structures and offers a diverse range of rhythms, traditional and modern harmonies that can be presented as a spec...


The wedding, as a social act in which two people decide to start a family, is an intrinsic ritual celebration where music is an essential element in all cultures. Thus, in Mexico a wedding cannot ...


The serenade was a diversion that was very popular in the XVIII Century. It was played during the afternoon outdoors in the gardens of the palaces of aristocrats offering music to their guests. "The...

Mariachi Semblanza en Turquía

16 JUL

On 13 June nineteen years ago, i.e. in 1995, the first performanc...

Actuación en el Ice Barcelona

14 MAY

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14 MAY

I would like to afford the time to rebuild and talk, discuss and rebuild a little history of what is "El Mariachi in Bar...

Fabio Vargas

Concert series "Al son que me toquen" 25 Mai 2010

It was nice to come with good Mexican friends (from Orizaba and Juarez), each day filled me with excitement to hear such beautiful songs ... As well interpreted and ... Delivering you to the audience ... Towards your friends!


Mariachi Semblanza has the usual venue the city of Barcelona. The musicians who make up the group living in Barcelona. However, the group has performed in various European countries, Baltic and even Arabs.


We give the option to remove some musical instruments to do smaller groups, but we recommend a formation of five members to ensure the sound and the variety in the repertoire of authentic Mariachi. We offer five types of shows!


Semblanza is the oldest group in Spain. He has accompanied artists like Alejandro Fernandez, Lila Downs, Ana Torroja, Marco Fregoso, Holland or Peter Carolina Fernandez and David Bisbal. And we have done in Europe and the Middle East.


The Mariachi Semblanza group was founded in 1995 as a quartet of traditional Mexican music. currently it up Semblanza Mariachi Mexican musicians with extensive experience in mariachi music, and is composed of three violins, guitar, harp, bass guitar and two trumpets.