Musical groups and types of performances from Mariachi Semblanza

Group formations:

Mariachi music, by its acceptance in the world and its diversity in the repertoire, has reached all areas of the range of possibilities, from buses and bars of large cities to the best scenarios accompanied by the most renowned philharmonic orchestras.

We try to accommodate all those spaces and present Mexican music in all its versions so we give the option to remove some instruments in order to form smaller groups.

We always recommend formations of at least 5 members to ensure the sound and the variety in the repertoire of authentic Mariachi music,  although for specific situations , we can provide formations as from three elements.

We offer five types of shows:


Minimum 7 musicians

This format is designed to play on the go and is able to draw attention to the beginning of a festival or as a complement to an event in which there are different scenarios and you want to direct the viewers from one site to another.

No technical requirements.


Minimum 6 Musicians

This presentation is recommended for a festival with an audience that enjoys mariachi music and expect to hear the “songs of the lifetime”.

We interpret most popular Mexican songs without a closed repertoire, this allows the public to request the song that they want at any time of the performance. Interaction is a must, dance and even the conversation may also accompany the guests who wish to sing with us.

This formation can be a stage PA system or without technical requirements , depending on space and the amount of people that are calculated in public.

Concert acompanying folk dances from Mexico:

minimum 5 musicians and 4 dancers or up to 8 musicians and 6 dancers

In this format dance and choreography are the main part of the show, presenting the different costumes, colors and ways to dance that exist in different regions of Mexico, as well as the music. We recommend this show for theaters and cultural events that want to show the diversity and richness of Mexican traditions.

This mode is designed with technical requirements.

Traditional Mexican Mariachi Music Concert and Modern Mariachi

Minimum 6 musicians and up to 8

This concert is intended for theaters and cultural presentations.

The code shows the root of mariachi music and its career as specific formation beyond the function fulfilled by accompanying singers who have made ​​famous this particular sound.

This concert is designed with technical requirements unless the space and its dimensions allow an acoustic performance.

Private parties

Minimum 3 musicians

The private parties are those with more specific characteristics  and these can be presentations for a wedding, a betrothal, a serenade, a funeral … and each of these can be large, small or in very diverse spaces. Here we can adapt to what is appropriate, in time, in number of musicians, specific repertoire (Mexican music) and we can go moving to interact with guests.

No technical requirements.

Some example videos:

  • Parade

    Cucurrucú Paloma en el festival de Barcelonnette

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en el festival de musica mariachi de Barcelonnette, Francia, en el año 2009

  • Concert acompanying folk dances from Mexico

    Teatro Arteria Paral.lel – Mujeres Divinas

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en el teatro Arteria Paral.lel acompañando al charro catalán junto con el ballet Viva México interpretando la canción Mujeres Divinas en directo

  • Traditional Mexican Mariachi Music Concert and Modern Mariachi

    Actuación en un teatro de Mariachi Semblanza

    Mariachi Semblanza actuando en directo en un teatro durante el ciclo de conciertos al son que me toquen en el año 2010

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