Barcelona concerts tour with beer Sol

Actuación en el Ice Barcelona

Sol beer Promotion:

We were lucky to promote Sol beer for parts of Barcelona. The animation was to take us anywhere concert in the old city, we act in concert giving away seats to people who were in it, we act in bars like the Ice Barcelona where even the instruments froze, did a night parade…

The truth, great time. Imagine that you were able to enjoy this event sponsored by the Sol beer quedásteis also happy because guess what unless you expected to find that day was a group of Mariachis dressed in their instruments giving away songs.

I leave you with a few pictures of the event:


  • Mariachi Semblanza promocionado la cerveza Sol
  • Conciertos promocionales cerveza Sol
  • Actuación en el Borne con cerveza Sol
  • Actuación en el Ice Barcelona
  • Mariachi Semblanza en el exterior del Ice Barcelona
  • Promoción cerveza Sol y Mariachi Semblanza
  • Actuaciones por bares de Barcelona con cerveza Sol
  • Pasacalles nocturno por el Borne con cerveza Sol
  • Mariachi Semblanza reflejado en Barcelona


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