History of our Mariachi – Mariachi Semblanza from Barcelona

history Mariachi in Barcelona

Mariachi Semblanza was founded in july 1995 as a quartet playing typical Mexican music including vihuela, violin, guitarrón and a female singer.

During the first few years, their performances provided nightly entertainment in the most authentic Mexican restaurants of Barcelona. The group was received enthusiastically by the public, which made the group expand during the first 3 years with elements from all over the world.

In the years that followed, and the coming and going of various elements, Semblanza consolidated itself with a majority of experienced Mexican musicians specialized in the tradicional Mexican music. Currently, Mariachi Semblanza consists of 3 violins, requinto, guitarrón, vihuela, accordion and two trumpets.

Alejandra Hernández has been part of the group right from the very start to the present day, working on the project, proposing and consolidating, organizing and mediating, but above all, working with persistence, affection and illusion to make the group the main reference for the mariachi music in this part of the world.

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