Remaking, deconstructing the story, Mariachi in Barcelona

I would like to afford the time to rebuild and talk, discuss and rebuild a little history of what is “El Mariachi in Barcelona”.

We can look old mariachi history have passed through here, but I am referring to what is now known as mariachi and Mexican community community dedicated to music.

In this group’s history, personal stories, story of people who are dedicated to mariachi in this side of the world … All this results in a culture of mariachi to be the shadow of the history of mariachi in Mexico but has followed another path.

The first question is: How did mariachi community in Catalonia? Who were devoted, at first (if that exists), playing Mexican music? Who did the costume and Mariachi? How has been your way and where are they now? Who gives more …! Tomorrow I will start to do the reconstruction according to what I’ve heard, according to the vox populi and lips of some of the major players … that everybody correct me please!

As I know who moved to Barcelona and began working formally wearing charro suit these lands was Don Roberto Aguilar, who already had a career as a Mexican singer in South America and Mexico.

Not for sure, but probably Mexican song, as such, it was interpreted by Francesc Thomas Panxito for the same periods. To reconstruct this period will need to interview the two.

As I understand it, nor was there a Mariachi formally created in those “early years”. So I think that those who, after coming and going, formed a mariachi group that began to be understood as such, were Miguel Angel Vallejo and Alejandra Hernandez who created “Semblanza Mexican”.

Also, to my knowledge, were originally a group that included music and dancing and the intention of the Mexican community grouped around its folklore. I’m already putting words in someone’s mouth, but I think it was. To this principle is needed to document and specify the time it took and the experiences to come gradually to the panorama of Mexican Mariachi music in Catalonia. We then…

Then continue with the history of Mexican music in Barcelona, ​​the history of Mariachi in Barcelona.

What is what is meant by Mariachi beyond the meaning of the word that there is so much controversy? What defines a Mariachi? Does the suit? Does the repertoire? Is the origin? Does the birth? Is the function? Does Mariachi is a trade?

It seems that this discussion of what makes one a mariachi Mariachi significant charges being away from Mexico and Latin America because it questions the authenticity of the groups and because the image that represents in Mexico is not the same as this society observes.

It is then discern how we define the groups that are dedicated to Mariachi music and their repertoire and how we define the society around us, and that if it is possible to redefine European Mariachi, Mexican or not.

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