“Mexicans” in Vilafranca del Penedés

Mariacho of Barcelona

Photograph exposition about México in Vilafranca

On Friday July 4th in the “Capella de Sant Joan”, Vilafranca del Penedès, inaugurated the exhibition “Mexicans” photographers Roger Velasquez and Pere Pascual. Each presented a collection of photographs that depict the daily life of Mexico from different perspectives. Put aside the people “Cora” or Nayeeri, as the inhabitants of the region (in fact their name gives rise to the name of the state they inhabit, Nayarit) call themselves, and traditions are also reflected in their daily lives as the Day of the Dead or common situations in popular areas such as shops and pubs.

During the inauguration there were interventions from ruler of culture Vilafranca del Penedès, Raimon Gusi, MEXCAT president, César Cárdenas, and two photographers.
At the exhibition center and the chapel was mounted an altar for the dead who presided San Felix and the Virgin of Guadalupe as a symbol of the union of traditions and peoples.

When the formal act finished, we played music and bursts of fast filled the room. People asked their favorite songs that we interpreted while the guests entered it hard to the pica-pica of certain products from the event sponsors (La Costeña, Tortillas Nahual …). At the opening there was fairly presence of the Mexican community, even as a curious anecdote, a Mexican friend passerby approached by mariachi music and had the opportunity to greet us after years without seeing.

The songs we interpreted, at the request of those present, as I recall, were:
El Son de la Negra, The Black Door, Caminos de Michoacán, El Jarabe Tapatio, Mujeres Divinas, The Bikina, Pa ‘todo el año and some more that escape me.

The exhibition runs until the 10th of August and the truth is so worth it if you are around. This cultural proposal has the support of the Consulate General of Mexico in Barcelona, the City of Vilafranca, MEXCAT, La Costeña, Tortillas Nagual, among others…

At that time we had little opportunity to live with the photographers, but it shows that they are open and with great sensitivity to people that surrounds them, and their work attests to the quality that is needed to capture in this way the small details that give magic to the culture that characterizes us.

With Pere Pasquel and Roger Velázquez

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