Wedding of Rafael Amargo With Silvia Calvet

Although some other time in some situation we had accompanied Rafael Amargo, we were filled with illusion when he invited us to participate in his wedding.  It really made the day a show. The first part of the ceremony, which was all prepared so that there was not a detail out of place, became a small concert of great artists.

Maria Toledo and Joaquin “El Duende”

The wedding was held at the Palace Hotel where, during the ceremony, we were honored to mingle with great interpreters of flamenco music as Maria Toledo and Joaquin “El Duende”.

We accompanied the entrance of the groom with the famous song “if they let us” by José Alfredo Jiménez and then placed ourselves behind the altar facing the guests the rest of the ceremony.

In different moments of the ceremony we alternated with Maria who accompanied herself on the piano and Joaquín who was accompanied by a string quartet, in which –as a curious detail–, participated Ernesto Briseño, a great Venezuelan violinist, classroom teacher at the liceu of musicians and was, along with Alejandra Hernandez and Miguel Angel Vallejo, founder of our Mariachi.

After delivery of the Rings, we interpreted the song “I want to be” and towards the end of the ceremony we interpreted “under the table” with which we said goodbye to the guests.

Performance at Luz de Gas:

The second part of the evening culminated in the Luz de Gas ballroom in a big party in which an excellent orchestra played and to which we were invited to participate in a moment of the night to entertain the evening and make everybody sing all the immortal songs as “the King”.

Afterwards, we were invited to stay the rest of the night to dance, drink and share the great celebration that was taking place and had the pleasure of talking to and “live with” dear people surrounding these two great artists.

We thank Rafael for the trust and generosity with which we were treated and were appreciative of the great human and artistic way with which we included in his wedding.

Shall we accompany you on your wedding?

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