“Juan Charrasqueado” live in France

Video interpretando Juan Charrasqueado

Video donde interpretamos Juan Charrasqueado en directo. Conciertos para festivales.

Juan Charrasqueado

This song written by Victor Cordero Aurrecoechea has always been one of the favorites of the Spanish and French public and many people know and sing it.

Victor Cordero was born in times of revolution and he composed many corridos inspired by his experiences and what was hearsay collecting in his life story. He was a great admirer of revolutionary heroes and it seems especially Pancho Villa. To him we owe very famous corridos as “Gabino Barrera”, “Juan Guerrero” or the “glass eye” and many still sing them without knowing who the author is.

He was also a composer of other musical genres, as it is said that as a child was already composing songs and became famous for his ability to compose songs on almost any subject at a time …

His songs have been immortalized in the voice of very famous singers like Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Javier Solís, Pedro Vargas, Ignacio López Tarso, Luis Perez Meza, Francisco Charro Avitia, Antonio Aguilar, Juan and David Zaizar, José Alfredo Jiménez, Vicente Fernández, José Feliciano, Lola Beltrán, Lucha Villa, Irma Serrano, Chabela Vargas, Yolanda del Río, Chayito Valdéz, Las Hermanas Huerta, Dueto Miseria, Los Dos Reales, the Joyful Terán, Los Broncos de Reynosa, the Juniors, the Pasteles Verdes, Padilla sisters, Cornelio Reyna, Los Tigres del Norte, La Banda el Recodo, Don Cruz Lizárraga, and many more.

This issue we interpret in Barcelonette Parties as we repeatedly were asked for because it is fun and cheerful. The times we did the parade during each day we did make friends who accompanied us every morning and asked us for songs and we talked in the moments when we moved from one place to another. In fact it is to them that we have this video graphic record of our stay in Mexico-Latin parties of the French Alps. Also once finished performances at night we used to go out and drink with our French friends who talked us things about the place and the culture of “the barcelonettes” that are so famous for its particular history.

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