Performance with Pedro Fernandez and David Bisbal

Gala Operación triunfo 2009

The 29h April 2009, we accompanied Pedro Fernandez and David Bisbal in triumph operating Gala with the song “Heal my wound.” For us it was an honor to meet and accompany, first, Pedro Fernandez because it is a country song idol in Mexico as a child, who does not remember the song “the girl in the blue backpack” and it was a delight to watch the professionalism and good treatment that displays an artist so dedicated as he.

On the other hand it is noteworthy the spirits, good vibes and talent of David Bisbal that, while he is a famous artist, is on the road to consecrate his career as such. Hopefully, he will continue to make  inroads along with the sound of mariachi and so, we will have the opportunity to return and accompany him.


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