“Ay Jalisco no te rajes” song from Mariachi Semblanza

Ay Jalisco no te rajes!

for It is a Mexican song, which could be considered as ranchera, composed by Manuel Esperón and Ernesto Cortázar. It was written in 1941 and appeared and gave its name to the Mexican film of the same name “Ay Jalisco, do not give up you”. Thanks to the film and interpretation of Jorge Negrete it became a big hit in México. The melody of the song was also used in the Disney film “The Three Caballeros”, in which the character “Pancho guns” is much like Jorge.

This song has been covered by many, including Vicente Fernández, Plácido Domingo, Lola Beltrán, Julio Iglesias or Trío Los Panchos famous artists and is used in various contexts melody or song, for example:

It is said that Senator Ted Kennedy sang the song in Texas during his campaign for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

Texas A & M University-Kingsville uses the song, under the name of Jalisco as its official fight song.

The song appears in the 1943 film “Here Comes Kelly”.

On the film Mariachi Gringo in which participates Lila Dawns, the song is sung by the main character (Shawn Ashmore).

The dumbbell Esperón – Cortázar was one of the most prolific in composing and arranging music for films throughout the golden age where they saw and helped grow to great artists.

Esperón led many artists who went through the cinema as were Libertad Lamarque, Luis Aguilar, Pedro Vargas, Miguel Aceves Mejía, María Félix, Lola Beltrán, Ernestina Garfias, María Antonieta Pons, Sophie Álvarez, Sarita Montiel, Elsa Aguirre, Silvia Pinal, Irma Dorantes, Joaquín Pardavé, Antonio Badú, Ramón Armengod, Emilio Tuero, Carmen Sevilla, Manuel Capetillo, El Charro Avitia, Flor Silvestre, Antonio Aguilar, Adolfo Garza, Julio Aldama, Jorge “Che” Reyes, Trío Los Calaveras, Germán Valdéz “Tin Tan “, Mario Moreno” Cantinflas “, Javier Solís, María de Lourdes and Lucha Villa.

He is also credited with the evolution of mariachi groups because he was one of the first music directors who served this role as such expanding the range of possibilities for grouping these features.

Cortázar was also a lyricist and composer who works hard during the golden age of Mexican cinema and marked a decisive impact on the style of Mexican music of that era.

Ay Jalisco do not give up you! already had the path of immortality from the start.
I think it must be one of these songs that all mariachi in Barcelona must play at each performance, there will always be someone who knows it and sing with us.

This version was sung by David Lomelí when he was in Barcelona and we make friendship with him. David is a great ópera singer and winner of an operalia contest.

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