“Paloma negra” song from Mariachi Semblanza

Paloma Negra (Black Pigeon)

They say that the way people are, in part, is shaped by the culture that surrounds us, by what we read, what we hear, what we eat … In Mexico, I almost dare say, we all have felt ever portrayed by the verses of this song by Tomás Méndez and if not, at least we have wanted to feel portrayed.

Paloma Negra shows an open channel in Mexico and the way they feel to the surface and most of us have this pigeon somewhere in our being.

Drunkenness is not just so without Paloma Negra. It is not just comfortable drunkenness if one does not die of love or of memories of one of the lovers that accompany your story. You are not just drunk until you are embraced to a friend and belting out: ” ya agarraste… por tu cuenta.. las parraaandaaas” “and not until “el rincón de la cantina” (the corner of the canteen) and the mariachi that somewhere in the night and consciousness accompanies you.

We recorded this version in the voice of Francisco García Parra who spent some of our longest nights toasting “them” and singing until dawn. Pancho is one of those friends of the soul to songs like this, or “la mal pagadora” who sweats them  from the marrow and lives them in every note and way of being in this world!

Health Pancho!

Perhaps the most famous version of Paloma Negra was made byLola Beltran, although there are other singers who have brought with them and have made themselves as Chavela Vargas or Jenny Rivera in the version with Banda.

Los Mariachis here in Barcelona, ​​and I suppose in the Spanish state, do not play it much. I think it’s a song more for Mexicans and people who have lived with Mexican culture in all its senses, but Rocío Jurado also interpreted it by these Iberian lands.

We wanted to record Paloma Negra because we believe it identifies and projects the strength of a Mexico in which we recognize ourselves.

Mariachi Semblanza does not pretend any other purpose than to show that Mexico for which we are proud and transmit that fiber and the strength of our tradition and our authors who have constructed a particular worldview.

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