Las Mañanitas

Las Mañanitas

Resume version of the Mañanitas of the album “Las de Cajón” recorded in 2004

Finding out finding out, it does not have to be very clear who was the author of this famous song. The stronger version has said that a Catalan, Luis Martinez Serrano, who moved to Mexico, composed it. At some comments they say it was written by a Nayaritan composer; score and lyrics are testimony … But most agree that it is not known. I mean, it’s a popular topic as there are many others in the Mexican tradition.

This song is an anniversary celebration, and most Mexicans have played with the cake and the candles since we were children and are still singing it to our children and loved ones.

It has been sung and recorded by such famous singers like Pedro Infante and Vicente Fernández, comic versions of some Mexican groups and there is even a version sung by Roger Waters, the lead singer of the famous rock group Pink Floyd at the end of a concert in the Federal District in which merged Resume with her song “The Wall”.

In our versionMiguel Angel Vallejo and Alejandra Hernández sing in “Las de Cajón” album which was the first album recorded in 2004 with the help and direction of Francesc Tomas Panxito.

Las Mañanitas is probably the most hackneyed song on mothers’ day throughout Latin America; it is to wake up with someone as a gift on your birthday and you see that has transcended boundaries to the limit that I do not remember the time the classic song serenade, since this mariachi in Barcelona exists, that they do not ask us in any situation even if no anniversary.

In a restaurant we play at Sabadell we get to interpret it at least 6 or 7 times the night of the amount of people who come together in a day to celebrate someone’s birthday, in addition to the ones they make up to have a birthday for having the simple pleasure of asking and sing it with us.

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