“Cama piedra” song from Mariachi Semblanza

La Cama de Piedra (The stone bed)[/titular]

From the CD: “Las de Cajón”

This song is from José del Refugio Sánchez Saldaña, better known as Cuco Sanchez, which became famous in the voice of many great artists.

Cuco Sánchez began his career in 1937 and his song My Chata launched him to fame in 1939. He composed more than 200 songs and some of them for movies where they were performed by renowned actors and singers such as Pedro Infante.

His style of writing retakes the revolutionary song tradition and the tradition of his land, the Huasteca, where he was born.

Many of his songs are part of the repertoire we might call “essential” in the ranchero tradition and in our performances, they are constantly asked from us.

That’s why we decided to record it and include it in the album named “Las de Cajón” (the indispensible songs) as it has been in the Spanish public’s memory [/ minititular] in a way that I cannot remember any time they request it  in which more than one singer wants to sing and chant it with us.

Many other songs from Cuco Sanchez are in their memories and still sung with feeling, even some of the phrases of his songs are in everyday language and common expressions in Latin American idiosyncrasy, such as “La Chancla” (the old shoe), which refers to the love you leave and no longer want back.

This is one of those songs that reminds us of and will keep reminding us of our time playing in Europe, in Spain and in Catalonia because it is certainly a part of the Mexico we want to evoke in our work and  has been well established  in the memory and hearts of the public. “Bed of Stone” expresses the way we Mexicans feel and love, the one in which love and death go hand in hand; that is, when you truly love, you can face the world and thus give your face.

“… I went to the room of crime, I asked the President:  that if it is a crime to love you… sentence me to death …”

And as the Cuco Sánchez’ song says : “… Arrieros somos …” (Carriers we are).

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