“La Madrugada” song from Mariachi Semblanza

La Madrugada (The erly morning)

in the CD: “Las de Cajón”

The Early Morning

This was to be, well, an album of Mariachi music. We had to record a ‘son’, the music that keeps the root of the mariachi musical tradition.

Mariachi music is a tradition of western Mexico comprising several states of the country.

That’s from where the instrumentation, sound and music tradition and polkas ‘son’ adopted and reinterpreted by its inhabitants, resulted in what is now known as Mariachi.

The son is a musical form, usually in six eighths compass and poetic structure which is based on octosyllabic verses, although there are exceptions, popular domain and in constant transformation. Today we have established some arrangements that have been identified over the structure of these musical forms but they are constantly made appropriate to different possibilities and instrumental sound.

Within the repertoire of sounds there are a variety of topics and we chose “La Madrugada” by the acceptance found within the territory when we played it. It is a sharing ‘son’ where words are versed with other Latin American traditional songs that have been compositions that have become very popular in some circles.

The verse: “morning star / lend me your light / to follow the steps / of that girl now leaving”, I found a traditional song in Colombia and it is the way that Simon Díaz begins: “morning star / lend me your light / to follow the steps / of my lover who leaves.”

In traditional Latin American music there are many similarities in the versed and the structure, and it is the special instrumentation and the small details that give it an unmistakable stamp of a tradition or another. Thus, ‘son’ where words are Jalisco, Michoacán, abajeño, are the particular forms that belong to the Mariachi and a group of this music cannot afford to record a disc without a ‘son’.

This time The Early Morning, and then there are new and old tunes that are the long journey of our identity as a group that makes a stamp of authenticity in Europe.

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