“México lindo y Querido” song from Mariachi Semblanza

México Lindo y Querido

in the CD: “Las de Cajón”

México Lindo y Querido is a song that needs no introduction, it has been sung by all the singers who have sung Mexican lyrics; is the song that, as a tribute to our land and culture, has been sung by all the artists who have visited  Mexico or have been found on a stage with Mexicans.

This song was composed by Jesus “Chucho Monge” in 1921 and the voice that made it famous was that of Jorge Negrete. It is without doubt the most representative song of Mexico. Worldwide it represents us and makes us feel nostalgic about us, our landscapes, our food, our people, and makes us able to share it with all the people, which is plentiful who loves  Mexico and who has lived it even without being there.

Mexico Lindo is definitely one of the “essential” songs (las de cajón), a song that endures and will endure throughout world history as a symbol of the idea of what we Mexicans are, so Mexican.

We recorded it in the voice of Felipe Ponce, who for  many years now has been our group’s singer and who knows how to convey the feeling of our music as few people know how.

About Chucho Monge we do not know as much as other Mexican composers, but this song and “The Fair of Flowers” they have immortalized him as just a few in the history of the music of our people. The second was even theme to a Disney movie which was never released due to problems of copyright.

All the Mexicans that are far, we who have been away and who miss, as we say, the terroir, provide and toast with this song for our history, for our people and for better and happier times near what is “ours”.

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