“Tristes recuerdos” song from Mariachi Semblanza

Tristes Recuerdos

This song is much heard in the voice of Antonio Aguilar‘s who perhaps made ​​it more popular throughout Latin America. Hence there have been many versions mariachi band and all kinds of musical groups. Lucerito endorsed this song to such a degree that probably, along with the version of Antonio, are the most listened versions.

The original song is from Catarino Lara Benavides born in Juchipila, Zacatecas and the pool in which he served as lead vocalist “Sagittarians.” They are a northern band which has contributed many songs that have achieved some popularity in the country and have considerable following.

We recorded it in the voice of Alejandra Hernandez Giadáns, founder, singer and director of Mariachi Semblanza Barcelona for many years.

Alejandra leaves us well to remember, her voice, joy and determination that led to the sketch for almost two decades and with the memory of many scenarios in which she played this song. I especially remember the concert in Mexican fiestas in the village of Barcelonette, in France, where we interpreted for several days in a row with a clear acceptance by the public.

I take this opportunity to thank our friend Darwin (Tiger) Espinoza who did some recordings in 2009.

This song was also the theme that inspired a movie starring Antonio Aguilar and his wife Flor Silvestre. The film is the latest to record “the Mexican charro” and most recent stage in the theater that particularly emphasizes his contribution as a producer.

I have in my memory this song playing on the radio of all public transport in the capital, and all the bands playing from on buses, or trucks as they say there, and “peseros” up in the inns and pubs Mexico City.  It is one of those songs that every Mexican has been humming at some point in the day, sometime in your life.

Tristes Recuerdos is a song that has been there in the memory of our culture and will continue singing for many years.


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