Festival of El Brull, Osona – 2004

Festival of El Brull, Osona – 2004

The town of “El Brull” is located in the Catalan region of Osona, belonging to the province of Barcelona. It’s in the mere entry Montseny Natural Park and owns a large tract of land devoted mainly to crop.

We could say it has a privileged position because it is right on top of a mountain valley formed by the Matagalls and Pla de la Calma. Enjoys amazing views from the height at which it is; on the one hand the Pyrenees and on the other Montserrat and La Mola, and even on clear evenings you can see the coastal mountains of Barcelona.

I leave you this text that we extracted from a publication titled: Two major parties Osona that we extracted from: blocs.mesvilaweb.com where we can have a view from outside one of our performances.

“And that’s how Friday August 20 at half past ten p.m. I traveled with parents, uncles and nephews to the Garden of the Rectory of Brull, unique setting for parties and celebrations under a starry sky and the apse of the church of Sant Martí del Brull background.

Two years ago the organizers surprised us with a group of Catalan songs accompanied by spicy nuts and muscatel and last year did so with a Cuban mojito combo and this year, the night went to Semblanza Mexicana, a group of mariachis settled in Barcelona by setting out their repertoire of irreverent impossible “rancheras”, “corridos” and a number of Mexican songs that made the delight of young and old with lyrics like Rosita, “the girl who was in luck, because of the three shots just one bullet was shot to death “.

The cool night rest dissipates with a good shot of tequila and a glass of Mexican beer and the constant “Touring” group of mariachis in the audience, now to congratulate a birthday, now to answer a request. Music tasting the American frontier in the heart of Montseny. ”


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