Popular Concert Sanaüja – Lleida

Acting popular Sanaüja (Lleida), July 16, 2004

Sanahuja (officially in Catalan Euskera Sanaüja next Zani-Goiás, meaning “guardian of above”) is a Spanish municipality in the province of Lleida, located at the northern end of the region of the cicada, Llobregós beside the river. The village is at the foot of a hill topped by the remains of the castle rise Sanahuja.

Sanahuja Castle is located on a hill overlooking the village of Sanahuja, in the Catalan region of the Cicada. Is documented in 1001 in a bull of Pope Sylvester II in which the strength is given to the Bishop of Urgel and today is a small village and about 500 inhabitants.

The castle is original eleventh century and his remains show various construction phases up to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when it was converted into Episcopal palace. In 1583, José de Calasanz was ordained in the Castle Church. This period is the belfry with five eyes that made bell function until 1929.

It was declared a Cultural Monument in the category of the November 8, 1988

The town still retains its medieval structure so it is like a trip back in time to act in his corner.

The Programme for summer festival was as follows:

July 10: Film outdoor the trip of Chihiro.

July 16: Program for summer activities in Sanaüja (Voice of the Cicada)

July 17: Dinner with entertainment by Mexican Mariachi group Semblanza and Mobile Disco with Romanian music.

July 24: Oktoberfest with Mobil Disco

July 31: Dancing with the Duet Rimel

3 and 4 August: Course on architecture.

August 7: Walk in the light of the moon. Feast of water in the pools and Mobil disco

August 14: Night of astronomy at the castle

August 21: Race bikes and other children’s activities.

August 28: Music and Special Effects at the pool.

It’s funny how the music and traditions are carried scenarios not originally contemplated a cultural mix of this type yet exist at the moment of our actions histories, cultures, idiosyncrasies and traditions that live for a while  are in perfect harmony.

The truth we can only thank the communities currently in Catalunya that have opened the doors to its roots.

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