XV Anniversary of the Strawberry Feasts

XV Anniversary Party of the Strawberry Sant Iscle (BCN), August 15, 1997

The extended term Sant Iscle VALLALTA, in maresme Barceloni, goes back to the eleventh century. In 1090, the Bishop of Gerona consecrated the health parish in 1386 and is now known as ‘Sant Asciscli Canet Valley High’.

As was done, the church lies in the village and is strategically located on the hill and a plaque on the facade commemorates the strong resistance from the troops of Napoleon.

In this context were carried out and still hold strawberry and wine festivals that promote the recovery of the agricultural tradition of all the area named mareseme.

For these holidays and others, it is ideal the presence of Mariachi to encourage diners also give us great pride to participate in such events because it shows the bond that was created in our culture with Catalan traditions that are so rooted in agriculture prominently the work that the country has in its history, like ours.

Mariachi music is already a tradition that lives on the power of the earth and the people living misadventures. Mariachi is a celebration of life in the field that was cultivated in the Mexican tradition and now we can share in other lands, other ways of feeling.

The program of the 15th on the Anniversary of the Strawberry Party and “Cantaires” Sant Iscle read and invited:

‘At 12 Noon:
Professional solemn participation “cantaires” Sant Iscle.

-At 9:00 pm:
Community Dinner at the sports center

Assorted sausages, meat with mushrooms, anniversary cake, bread, wine and coffee.

Grand finale:
Dances Iscle Sant (“the patatuf” and stick dance “The Geperut”)

And to close the evening:  Mariachi Semblanza Barcelona.

That night we sang our best known repertoire so that people could sing with us and some pieces of our folklore that come from that feeling I spoke of earlier, the land.

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