Concert series at Tarantos Hall

Series of concerts in Barcelona Tarantos Room, November 1997

The Tarantos room is one of the oldest “tablaos” flamencos in Barcelona. It opened in 1963 and during its early years saw the scene go to great artists such as Antonio Gades, Maruja Garrido or Manzanita.

During a period from roughly 1993, flamenco shows of very high level were scheduled and passed by Niña Pastori, Duquende, Miguel Poveda, Rancapino or Dieguito “El Cigala” and others who began his career in the Tarantos Room.

For a time, while flamenco music band remained, they scheduled room Tarantos with other music styles and song writing. The Canarias singer Rosana, for example, made her debut in Barcelona in Tarantos room.

By Pedro Guerra went there too (an important Cuban singer who has gained wide acceptance in the Spanish public), Omara Portuondo (one of the greatest representatives of Cuban music which blends the traditional with jazz creating a unique and personal style. important participant Buenavista Social Club), Compay Segundo (One of the only exponents in the interpretation of Cuban son, both his instrument and his deep voice, a member of Buena Vista Social Club), Nass Marrakech (adaptation and reinterpretation of the music of the Gnawa people, former slaves and immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa led to the Maghreb by the Arabs during the Middle Ages), Vieja Trova Santiaguera (Palace Group of Cuban son where his interpreters, and retirees interpret the music with gusto “before”), Jorge Drexler (Uruguayan singer and songwriter who has won awards and has collaborated with countless artists from different genres), Carlos Goñi (Spanish musician and songwriter of great importance) , Jarabe de Palo (Spanish Association of pop music that has transcended many borders), Tontxu (known Spanish singer born in the Basque Country) or Ismael Serrano (Spanish singer of the new generation of singers appeared in the nineties) giving a strong presence to music from elsewhere in the world.

In this framework, on Thursdays of October and November 1997, Mariachi Semblanza appeared with the Semblanza Ballet Mexican folklore as a sign of our country.

We turned after Unleash flamenco group, a Sevillian group that took a lot of strength from tradition and was setting up with the new trends of flamenco.

These performances were very well received by the Catalan capital and there were always lots of people waiting for the show. For the group it was one of its first great experiences.

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